Jeffrey Honeywell Presents at NYSASA 17th Annual School Attorney Law Conference

Managing Shareholder, Jeffrey Honeywell presented at the New York State Association of School Attorneys 17th Annual School Attorney Law Conference on the topic of “Successful Strategies in Employee Discipline” in Bolton Landing.

"For over fifty years, NYSASA has served as an association dedicated exclusively to school attorneys. Our members serve as legal counsel to boards of education and school districts across the State. Our mission is to support New York schools by supporting the attorneys who represent them. We help school attorneys provide their clients with the highest quality legal representation.

NYSASA also serves as a knowledgeable and pragmatic resource for school boards and administrators, New York State government and the general public. Our Board of Directors has worked hard over the past years to create and maintain critical relationships with legislators, State Education Department officials and State-wide stakeholders to secure a place at the table where important decisions are made. This work has paid off, as NYSASA is called upon more and more frequently for input on emerging legal and policy issues. Just this past year, for example, NYSASA was instrumental in resolving questions about the authority of CPS to question students at school without parental consent. NYSASA’s involvement led to the promulgation of new emergency regulations by DOH that protected our districts and their students. We will continue to work to advance the school attorneys as essential members of the school community seeking solutions to the educational challenges faced by our clients." - Kathy Ahearn, President.

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