Education Law

Honeywell Law Firm provides unmatched representation to school districts throughout New York State. With over three decades of experience in Education Law, our attorneys have represented and advised school districts in all aspects of Education Law, including:

  • Employee investigations and disciplinary actions, including Education Law § 3020-a and Civil Service Law § 75 proceedings
  • Board of Education Policies and Issues
  • Development of Policies and Procedures
  • Labor and Union Negotiations
  • Collective Bargaining Agreements
  • Contract Interpretation
  • Grievance proceedings and arbitration
  • Contracts and Business Transactions
  • Risk Management and Insurance
  • Competitive Bidding Laws
  • Construction and Commercial Contracts
  • Tax certiorari proceedings
  • Personnel trainings
  • Title Issues
  • Appeals to the Commissioner of Education, and
  • Student hearings, including Education Law § 3214 proceedings

Honeywell Law Firm has a rich background and extensive experience in the field of Special Education Law. Our attorneys represent school districts in a wide range of special education matters. Our representation covers all legal facets related to Special Education, such as:

  • Counsel as to compliance with the law, including personnel trainings
  • Notice of changes in the many statutes, regulations and case law affecting special education
  • Participation in CSE meetings
  • Negotiations regarding development and implementation of IEPs and 504-Plans, including IEP audits
  • Special education mediation
  • Impartial Due Process hearings
  • Appeals to the Office of State Review and Courts
  • Litigation at the state and federal level stemming from alleged failures to provide adequate accommodations to a student with a disability

At Honeywell Law Firm we recognize that school officials, administrators and board members serve many constituencies; students, parents, teachers, district employees and tax payers. Our team of experienced Education Law attorneys provide innovative legal solutions that balance the needs of the entire school community.

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