Adoption Law

Honeywell Law Firm has experience representing both adoptive parents and birth parents in all facets of adoption proceedings. Shareholder, Christopher Honeywell leads our adoption law practice and represents adoptive families engaged in processing and finalizing adoptions, including domestic private-placement / independent adoptions and private agency adoptions. Mr. Honeywell has also represented individuals and couples who are considering whether to place a child for adoption.

In addition to assisting parents who wish to adopt, Mr. Honeywell has also represented birth parents that have made the selfless decision to place their child for adoption. Fully aware of the emotional issues inherent to this process, our compassionate legal team will go above and beyond in our efforts to support you as we navigate the necessary legal procedures together and work diligently to facilitate the adoption process and to protect your rights as a birth parent.

Depending on the type of adoption you pursue and a number of additional factors, the adoption process may range in duration. Generally, this process can be completed in approximately 18 months, although exceptions do apply. Our firm goes above and beyond in our efforts to facilitate your adoption and to ensure that all inherent issues are addressed as quickly as possible.